Saturday, September 8, 2012

Designer vs. Deal

If you are like me, you fall in love with all of the new designer shoes that come out. The one that I am loving this season is Christian Louboutin's "unbout" illusion pump. This gorgeous pump has clear sides and color toe and heels. The colors range from lime green to neon orange. This oh so wonderful shoe also carries a price tag that could pay most of people's car notes for almost a year. They cost around $1500.00, but when it comes to style and having a well made shoe.....they are worth it. Now if you are a fashionista on a budget, I have the best news for you. I have found a replica of this lovely shoe that is made by a company called GOJANE. At you can find a shoe that looks exactly like the illusion pump for a mere fraction of the cost.....$30!! For under $50 you can have a beautiful pair of heels to put with your cute skinny jeans and a colorful top and show off your style and budget skills. Below I have pictures of the Christian Louboutin version and the GOJANE version. It is almost impossible to see the difference.
***Please note that I am not saying there is something wrong with designer shoes. I am just showing everyday working women how to look good on a budget, if they can not afford the designer price tag. ***
Cap-toe pump from GOJANE

Unbout Illusion pump from Christian Louboutin

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