Monday, April 8, 2013

Rittz and Tech N9ne

Recently I was introduced to the musical talents of Rittz. Rittz is a multi-platinum underground artist that was found by another great rapper.....Tech N9ne. If any of you are familiar with rap music then you may know about Tech N9ne and his one of a kind style of rapping. Tech N9ne came out on the scene with a great but rare form of "psychotic" type rap music. He parlayed that music into his own record label known as Strange Music. Now Tech N9ne has brought his protege to the scene of underground rap....Rittz! This lyrical genius hails from Gwinnette County Georgia by way of Pennsylvania. Growing up in a musical family had great influence on this rapper known as "White Jesus" by many of his friends. Once he moved to the Northside of Georgia in this under the radar county he had the chance to experience the world of rap. The effect that it had on him and his style would be one that would be his claim to fame. Check out this rapper with his boss (Tech N9ne) on their hit song "Bloody Murda" and with the talented Yelawolf on the hit "Box Chevy." 

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