Thursday, June 13, 2013

2014 Resort Collections

Recently I went on a search to see what the top designers for the year were showing for their "Resort" collections. I love the resort collections, summer style, and even the summer street style. I love to see these trends in action because they represent the fun and relaxed times in almost any one's life. Whether you have millions in the bank or nothing at all, anyone can create a fun and breezy look for themselves for the summer. The "Resort" collections caught my attention because not only did they showcase the easy breezy look of the summer season, they also showcased the class and style of the modern, trendy, and fun woman that knows how to work it with class. Now I know that many women today can not just run out and buy the most expensive looks that are out in stores today, so I will be going over ways to create these resort like looks to help the woman on a budget recreate them without the expense. Below is just a sample of a few of the collections I found. 

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