Thursday, August 29, 2013


IILIE216, artist and CEO of TruEmpire Records decided to drop by the office to celebrate our grand opening and the new journey that KEEP ME TRENDY has decided to take. While in the office, we asked if he would do a little interview with us and tell us about his new album "Psychosis" that is dropping on September 23rd. Singles such as "Lavish Life" Featuring Port Daddy, "Hustle King", Shooter, and "NMK" Featuring Apollo and DFoxx have already been released as teasers for what is set to be the dopest underground album of the year. Take a read at the interview below:

KMT: Hello, thank you for stopping by to answer a few questions
ILLIE: Hello, it's a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me. 
KMT: So tell us about "Psychosis"                                               
ILLIE: "Psychosis" is my sixth solo album and for the fans it will     
be the best that they have heard from me. I have worked on this    
album for over a year and half. I wanted something that would be a
classic mixtape. Something that would take the listener to the days 
when rap was all about the music. This will be something to bob   
your head to and turn your speakers up to. This is the blow your 
mind mix tape. The mix tape for the people.                               
KMT: How many tracks can we expect on this mix tape?             
ILLIE: "Psychosis" will have 21 original tracks                              
                                KMT: Are you the only producer on the album?                                                                   ILLIE: I worked with 3 producers for "Psychosis"                               
KMT: From what I hear, these 3 are three of the best                 
underground at the moment. Is there anything else you can tell us 
about the album before you go?                                                  
ILLIE: I would like to remind everyone that the album drops on 
September 23rd. You can download it on three sites.              
KMT: Well, thank you again for stopping by and keeping us 
informed on your album and your journey in music.              
ILLIE: You're welcome. Thank you for having me.                

**Psychosis is being released as an underground mixtape and will feature such artist as DFoxx, Trapp, Apollo, Mac Spitt, Tae Wall, Port Daddy, Colby Chrome, Jeff Miller, Justin Almighty, Moochie, Mighty, and Rawshawn. It will also showcase the producing talents of not only ILLIE216, but also Brodey Newman, DFoxx, and Colby Chrome***

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