Sunday, May 20, 2012


Orchid is back and better than ever. I put on my stilettos and strutted around town to find the hottest fashion info just for you. I have re-created this blog to make it easy and informative for all my wonderful ladies out there. We now have information on hot trends, how women are wearing these trends on the street, fashion news, and great buys around town for the bargain chicanista. I will be posting daily fashion news, tips, and trends for my readers. I will have style tips for the girl in a fashion rut. If you have pictures that you would like to send in and have us post your hot style please feel free email them to the email address listed. There will also be updates on Orchid Boutique which is my online store that will be going live on September 5, 2012. We will be doing sales for the boutique online, in person, at fashion shows that will be held through out Florida, and on Facebook. Please keep looking forward to that as well. Love you all and happy reading.

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