Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Billboard Awards

Last night was the night where are the stars and who's who in music came out to The Billboard Awards. This award show was the hottest I have seen in a long time. Stars came out dressed to impress and show off their hot styles. I have to give the most improved body and fashion award to Jordin Sparks for all she has done with her body and her style. The classiest of the night for me were Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift....they really showed style and class from head to toe. I am not one to blast anyone for their style choices because I believe that we are all individuals who should express themselves, but Miley Cyrus took the "no no" cake for the night. Being trendy and stylish is one thing but exposing everything is anything but that. Her effort is awarded but not the idea to wear nothing but a tuxedo jacket to an event. When you can not bend over in your's too short. Monica is another hit for the night along with Brandy. They looked hot in their new video and even hotter on the red carpet. Last but not least....the guys and their hot style. I have to to highlight Usher and The Wanted for their dapper and sexy style. Usher took things up a notch with his bright blue suit and sexy ATL swag. The Wanted stepped out with sexy fitted suits and great smiles.To that end please enjoy the pics and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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