Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shorts Shorts Shorts

Being that this is summer, we are seeing the shorts come out. I just wanted to take this time and go over the fact that every type of short is not right for every type of body. You have to assess yourself and see what short best compliments your body type. There are three types of shorts.....short shorts, mid-length shorts, and bermuda shorts. While all three styles are very beautiful and nice to wear, we all can not wear each and every style. Here are tips and trends to help guide you in your short shopping. If you have short legs or a boyish shape you should go for short shorts. These compliment the legs and make them appear longer. Please avoid this style if you have a curvy figure. It hugs and exposes....leaving a lot of skin out and borders on too sexy for curvy women. Now mid-length shorts are the best because they can be worn by any size and shape woman. The trick to the perfect mid-length short is to pick a pair whose hem is at least 1-2 inches from where your finger tips touch your leg when you let your arm just dangle to your side.The last pair is type of short that women adore...the bermuda. This style is best for women with long legs or a curvy pair shape. This style covers more skin and flatters most figures. Be careful if you have short legs because the cut could divide your body in an unflattering way.

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