Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dress Your Shape: Curvy

According to a study done on women's shapes, on average 14% of the women are "curvy" in shape. Most of us know the curvy figure as having an hour glass figure. This is true for any woman that is small in the mid-section and fuller in the bust and hip area. With the right fabrics and clothing curvy women can dress up their beautiful shape and walk with confidence in themselves and their style choice. Below I have outlined some tips on what to wear, what not to avoid, and fun little things to try. A majority of the key pieces for a lovely outfit can be found at JCPenney (jcp.com).

1. Pieces that highlight your natural shape
2. Pieces that accentuate your waist
3. Trousers/bottoms that will streamline your lower half

1. Tops that are too tight across the bust
2. High-waist pants (they widen the hips)
3. Trousers/bottoms that are bright and tight (bright is ok....just not when it is too tight)

1. Belted sheathes
2. Dark trousers
3. Heels
4. Fitted blazers
5. Flowing tops with a cinched waist
6. Belts, Belts, and more Belts (they accentuate the waist and draw attention to your midsection. Try bright colors to add a pop of excitement)
7. Tops that are fitted but not clingy
8. Jeans that are fitted to your shape ( make sure that the jean does not have a back gap)

***Do try print tops, bottoms, and dresses. When the pattern is small in the the fit accentuates your best parts, the pattern can be beautiful and well executed.***

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