Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dress Your Shape: Boyish

Today we are celebrating the ladies with the "boyish" shapes. This term is for any lady with a small bust, small waist, and narrow hips. Ladies with this shape are generally very fit. The downsize to this shape is that if you are not careful and you like to wear bulky clothing, then you can drown out your beautiful figure. This figure may seem like a very easy figure to dress, but actually quite the opposite is true.

1. Dresses that are cinched or belted at the waist. This will help to define the waist and give definition to the lines of the body
2. Skinny jeans to help flatter slim hips and thighs.
3. A-line skirts to show off legs and draw attention to one of your assets.
4. Wide v-neck tees

1. Anything that has draping, peplum waist, ruffles, and darts
2. BELTS, BELTS, and more BELTS
3. Waist defining cuts
4. Contrasting colors that trick the eye. This will also create lines and give curves to the body
5. Show some skin (not a lot....don't go stripper-esque). Try a v-neck dress or top

1. Bulky clothing
2. Sheathe dresses
3. Anything that does not highlight your assets

***If you do embrace your boyish figure and try men's wear, make sure that it is fitted and figure flattering.***

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