Friday, August 24, 2012

Dress Your Shape: Hippy

What does it mean to have a "hippy" figure? This means that you have a small bust and fuller hips. Most would refer to this type of figure as a "pear" shape. As many of us can understand, this is a lovely shape to have, but hard one to dress. You want to accentuate your small bust and make it seem larger, while down playing your full hips and making the lower half of your body more streamlined. The goal and trick to being hippy is to define your slender middle and highlight your assets.

1. High-rise skirts
2. Tucked in shirts
3. Straight skirts in structured fabrics ( This will help to streamline the body)
4. Dark colors on the bottom and light colors on the top

1. Wide-leg jeans
2. Boot cut jeans
3. A-line skirts and dresses
4. Embellished tops
5. Cuts that nip at the waist

1. Bright colors on the bottom (They make your hips look bigger)
2. Pants that have lots of busy and bright patterns
3. Dresses that are tight and stretchy

***Most people say that hippy women should not wear skinny jeans. If you love your skinny jeans and can not divorce them.....wear dark colored skinny jeans with heels and a bright color or embellished top. This will draw the eye to your top half. This will also elongate and streamline your bottom half. ***

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