Monday, August 27, 2012

Dress Your Shape: Plus Size

Who better to be the poster girl for the plus size post but, Amber Riley. She is gorgeous, talented, and is always very well dressed. I chose to put her picture on this post because she shows that no matter what size you are, you can be well dressed, confident, and beautiful. To have a plus size figure means that you have full hips, bust, thighs, and backside. Plus size women may or may not have a slim waist, but either way they can still dress lovely and show off their gorgeous shape.

1. Fitted but not tight tops
2. Matted fabrics
3. Brights and patterns (Use them to highlight your assets and parts of your body that you love)
4. Great detailing ( When smartly placed on your body, they can define your shape)
5. Clothes that fit well. Make sure that your clothes are not too tight or too loose

1. Wearing the same color all over (This will elongate your shape)
2. Contrasting colors
4. Matching the design on your shoes to the design on your top (This will create an eye trick)

1. Tight or clingy tops and bottoms
2. Shiny fabrics
3. Cropped or cutoff pants (They cut you off in the wrong place)

***Wear bright colors! Make sure that it is a good fit, coordinating heels (because heels elongate the legs and give length to the body), and something that will define your waist. By defining the waist you will create a break in the body and trick the eye. ***

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