Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dress Your Shape: Tall

Although many women do not look at their height as being part of their is. Your height has a lot to do with how you look in your clothes and what type of clothes that you can wear. Being a tall woman means that you have to watch the hem of your skirt and length of your pants. Being tall does not have to mean that you can not be hot, sexy, and classy. This is why I chose Blake Lively as my main picture. She is very tall (5'9 1/2") and she continues to dress so wonderfully. I have laid out some great tips for my beautifully tall women, I hope they work well for you.

1. Contrasting colors. Light on the bottom/dark on the top (This will visually break your figure in half). Great eye trick
2. Wide belts to help shorten your torso and visually divide your body
3. A well fitted cropped jacket with a slightly longer blouse. Make sure that the pieces suite your body proportions

1. Highlighting your silhouette and assets
2. Skinny jeans (They will highlight your legs)
3. Skirts that show off your legs (Being tall...the leg is your best asset and a great one to show off)

1. Anything that does not highlight your figure
2. Cropped jackets that are boxy and not form fitting
3. Skirts or dresses that are too short
4. Jeans that are not height appropriate. If they are not cropped jeans or cigarette pants, then they should be long enough to suit your height

***There is not much that can go wrong on a tall figure. Just ensure that you are dressing to suite your figure and proportions.***

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