Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stack Stack Stack......

The new trend this fall is stacked arms. Stacking means to mix and match cuffs, bangles, watches, and bracelets to create a beautiful mixture on your arms. Stacking your arm jewelry is just like mixing your outfits. You have to be coordinated and precise. If you are going grunge or rock and roll, then you need to mix metals and sizes. To keep it chic and classy try mixing different jeweled bangles and bracelets. Below are some beautiful mixes of arm jewelry. I went on a great search to find the cutest bangles, bracelets, watches, and cuffs for a great price. As you all know, I search for the trendy and the inexpensive. Target and www.target.com has the best jewelry at wonderful prices. There is even an APP for IPhone, IPad,and Android systems that allows you to see the deals and products that Target has for the week. Another great place to grab some cute accessories is JCPenney's and www.jcpenneys.com. They have some of the best accessories also for great prices. Check out these hot spots and give this trend a try.

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