Thursday, November 8, 2012

Print Dresses

Print dresses popped up on my trend radar. I had to stop and check them out. I found so many things that I could do with these dresses and so many places that I could wear them to. Topped with a nice jacket or blazer they are great for the work place. Add some heels, ditch the jacket, and grab a are ready to go out with the girls. Print dresses are great for breaking up your outfit and adding some spice without going over the top or having too much on. Those of you that know me, know that I checked out Target to see how they were coming along on the print dresses. Much to my surprise they were a step ahead and had some gorgeous print dresses, among other things that caught my eye. Needless to say I grabbed a print dress and so much more for a great price. Check out Target and for dresses under $40. Hit the Kohl's racks for discounts and sales and grab a gorgeous print dress for under $60. Be bold and brave with these great finds, but keep the rest of the outfit simple. You don't want to clash items or over due the patterns.

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