Monday, April 1, 2013

April Showers and Stylish Flowers......

Ladies....Spring is here and with it comes blossoming flowers and the chance to wear beautiful dresses. This spring is all about the floral look. Designers are adding the floral look to dresses, shirts, and pants. I like the look of the floral dresses because they will work well for any body size. Try this trend! Floral dresses will be great this season for the office, shopping on the weekends, and cozy little date nights. 

Now for my fellas.....I chose not to do a post this evening on male fashion because last week I was faced with having to solve a shaving bump and razor burn issue for someone. In my search to resolve their issue I found a great article in Watch Magazine's April 2013 issue about shaving and the proper way to do it. I wanted to share these finds with the men that follow my blog and social sites in the hopes that it would help other males in need of shaving tips and tricks. Below are the tips that I learned on my journey to the smooth face for men.
1. Follow the grain for the initial shave, then go one time against the grain for smooth shave.
2. Always shave after you shower. Give your skin a chance to moisten before you shave.
3. Use a razor like the Gillette Trac II to help keep skin smooth and bump and burn free. 
Lastly try to make sure that you exfoliate the skin before and after you shave. Keep your skin moist and replace your razor after 6 shaves. Always try to use the hottest water possible before and during your shave. I hope this helps those out there dealing with razor bumps and burns. 

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