Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pocket Square.....The New Male Accessory

With suits being the new thing for men this year, it was only natural that pocket square would become ultra popular. In my fashion hunting over the past couple of weeks and in talking with several well dressed men, I found that the one thing that sets them apart from other males and makes their suits stand out are pocket squares. They are perfect because they can make a suit or even a suit jacket worn casually without jeans look a thousand times better. Another great thing about pocket square is that they allow the wearer to take one or two basic color jackets and use them over and over again without looking over done or over worn. For those males on a budget but dwelling within the realms of needing to suit up daily, this is a great idea. All this week I will be doing a feature on the pocket square for men that are interested in trying this style. To start I have listed "The 6 Pocket Square Commandments."

1. If you blow your nose in it.....leave it in the pants pocket. The pocket scarf is for show, not for blow!
2. Shiny squares are OUT OF STYLE!
3. Whether you spent $180 or $8 on your pocket scarf you can still make it look good. 
4. Wear a scarf that mimics a color in your shirt or tie. DO NOT MATCH ALL THREE TOGETHER!
5. Never wear a pocket scarf that makes your breast pocket bulge. Refold or get a smaller one.
6.  It is okay to spend more than two or three minutes in the mirror fixing your square. Practice makes perfect!!

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