Sunday, December 15, 2013

Suits Rule the World......

As we get ready to end this wonderful year in fashion, I could not watch the year go away without giving tribute to hottest trend for females to come out of 2013.......SUITS! As ladies strutted the streets going to fashion shows, work, dinners, and meetings with friends, we had the privilege to some wonderfully made suits. These suits not only made a statement in every room, they also created a certain confidence within the females that wore them. The suits we saw this year were about more than just "a suit"....they were about making a statement. They were colorful, structured, fitted, and afforded so many options. Suits for 2013 were long pants, ankle pants, shorts, full coverage jackets, and jackets that let a little mystery be revealed. This is a trend that I feel will become more than just a will be a fashion lovers closet staple.


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