Friday, May 25, 2012

Skinny Jeans

Recently I read an article in InStyle Magazine about skinny jeans. According to their fashion editor skinny jeans were considered by 65% of the women interviewed by them, to be the sexiest jeans ever. I have to agree with them fully. Skinny jeans are the only jeans that I have ever seen make every shape and size woman look adorable. I do have quite a few issues with how they are worn at times. I do not like them with sneakers and flip flops. I think that the shoe and the pant have to work together. If you have skinny jeans that come to the ankle or a little higher than a cute ankle boot is gorgeous. If you have one that comes done further, then please wear it with a cute wedge, cute flats, decorated sandals, or a banging stiletto. Skinny jeans were not meant for flip flops (honestly nothing but a bathing suit and beach wear were meant for flip flops). I won't use this post to go into how flip flops should not be your wardrobe staple. I am guilty of tossing them on....a habit I must break as soon as possible. Another cute look is the skinny jean and knee or thigh high boot. I know for some it is too hot to think of boots, but for those of us that plan ahead...keep that in mind!! In the end one of the best ways to wear your skinnies is a la Beyonce.......with a cute heel and fitted tee. If that does not rock your fashion boat then make the skinnies your own and have fun.

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