Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hot Collaborations for Spring 2013

Breaking News in the fashion world: Supermodel Anja Rubik teamed up with Giuseppe Zanotti to create a great capsule shoe collection. This capsule collection is a mix of super sexy and rock diva. The collection can be found on Net-a-Porter and and range in price from  $1250 to $1750. This is a collection worth checking out!!!

Another great collaboration this Spring that I am just loving is Robert Downey Jr. and GQ Magazine. Robert Downey Jr. is truly the come back kid. Not only does he have tons of great movies under his belt and is the super hero (Iron Man) of one of the hottest action films.....he continues to soar to new heights and gets better looking with each passing year. The May issue of GQ is bound to be one that you will not want to miss. Robert Downey Jr. and the writer for the Avengers, Chris Heath, finally confirm that Mr. Downey is the one and only $50 Million Dollar Iron Man. We also get a sneak peak into Robert Downey's world! 

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