Monday, October 7, 2013


Many that know me, know that I am a lover of fashion and will truly suffer to look my best. This post is a fine reflection of that. See my dears, pink in any form just was never on my list of colors to wear.....until recently. I was shopping around for the perfect pair of fall pants that would stand out in the crowd and the pants above caught my eye. As you can see, any girl would just fall in love with the deep rich hue and the perfect leg shape. So I decided that I should try these gems on and see how they look. I was shocked and amazed and the way they made my skin pop and the brightness they brought to my look. So I went for it! Now I, Ms. NikkiNicole has her first and soon to not be only pair of Fuchsia Pants! I could not resist finding some pictures for you all of different styles of the fushia. I even found a little something for the fellas. So, lets all give pink a try. Seeing as how October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.....this would be the perfect time!  

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